Local Ambition 2020 Casting Call Information


Local Ambition 2020 Casting Call Information
Dates: Saturday, January 25 & Sunday, January 26
You only need to come to ONE of these dates.
Time: 10am – 6pm both days
You may come anytime between 10am and 6pm.
Address: 800 Olive St., St. Louis, MO 63101 (Arcade Building)

Here is a map of the location. The entrance to the building is marked.
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Take a look at our casting special video to see what went on at the 2019 casting call AND red carpet premiere!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What should we wear?

A: Find clothing that you own and come up with your own style. Maybe you decide to come up with an outfit that’s color coordinated and looks very professional. Maybe you decide to throw a bunch of pieces together that don’t match. Either choice is fine! That said, you should not dress too casual. Showing up in sweat pants and a hoodie can give the impression that you don’t care. Showing effort can go a long way!

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: The only thing you need to bring is a photo ID! That’s it! Resumes and headshots are great, but they’re not necessary.

Q: What are interviews like?
Our interviews are more relaxed than others you might have heard of or are used to. We want to find out more about who you are and what interests you have. The questions you are asked are designed to give us this information. Interviews are typically around 5 minutes each and you are more than welcome to ask us any questions you may have once your interview is finished.

Q: Since acting is a big part of Local Ambition, will there be “cold reads”?
A: If you don’t know what a “cold read” is – that’s okay! A cold read is reading lines off of a script without having looked at it before you read it. We will NOT be doing cold reads at the casting call.

Q: Can we read lines if we want to?
A: Yes. In fact, we are going to let everyone read lines for a character that they have seen on television, movies, or our show. This is 100% optional. The character that you act out can also be an original creation. If you have a character that you have come up with and you want to deliver lines as him / her – you can! This can be a great way of showing us your acting ability. If you want to act out a scene as a specific Local Ambition character, we have attached scenes from our show with scripts for you to study. Remember, you do NOT need to do this. This is optional.

Click HERE to download the scripts.

Q: What is Local Ambition about?
A: Local Ambition is one part reality show and one part soap opera. The reality portion of our show comes from the modeling competition and confessional-style interviews that are seen throughout the show. The soap opera portion comes from the over-the-top drama that our cast acts out in their scenes and brings to life for our audience.

Q: What does the winner of this season get?
A: The winner of Local Ambition’s 2020 season will be on the cover of the November 2020 issue of our magazine. They will also get a full feature article about them with photos from their cover shoot included.

Q: What are some of the perks of being a cast member on Local Ambition?
A: Our cast are eligible to participate in a number of different actives and promotions throughout the year. They can do radio and television interviews; be featured in newspapers and magazines; attend a red carpet premiere at a movie theater for our show; have original artwork created of them; and see their face on billboards around St. Louis and other cities nationwide.

If you have any other questions relating to Local Ambition, you may reach out to our Executive Vice President of Communications, Sydney Hallett, at sydney@alwayslatetv.com.