LA-IX // Mary Sherod – Scorecard


Stage One // “Commercial Shoot”
Judge #1

Performance: B-
Mary’s poses were hit or miss for me. Sometimes she nailed what she was going for and other times she didn’t.
Variety: B+
I could see that there was an attempt at making all of her photos different from one another, but she relied on some of the same poses and faces too much.
Creativity: B-
I really liked the location, but I’m told they can’t be judged on that. Other than that, I saw little in her shoot besides the shades that offered much creativity.

Judge #2
Performance: B-
The model may be new to posing, but that’s okay. Even beginner models can do well in shoots if they know what the basic idea of a shoot is and practice enough. It didn’t seem to me that she did either of these things.
Variety: B-
The model seemed to rely too much on what she knew and didn’t step outside the box enough.
Creativity: B-
I did not see a lot of creativity in her shoot that would merit a higher score.

Judge #3
Performance: C+
I see potential in you! You’ve got a great look, but your poses fell flat for me. 🙁
Variety: B-
I didn’t see you switch it up enough.
Creativity: A
Your attitude and wardrobe were killer!