LA-IX // Lee Ann – Scorecard


Stage One // “Commercial Shoot”
Judge #1

Performance: A-
Lee Ann looked like a country girl in the big city and her poses were great. She could have changed her face up a bit more, because some of her looks didn’t match her poses and other times they were static.
Variety: A
Lee Ann did several different poses (not expressions) in her shoot to make her photos more interesting.
Creativity: A
I thought Lee Ann was really creative in coming up with different ways to move her body.

Judge #2
Performance: B-
The model seemed confident in parts of her shoot, while uncomfortable in others. In the times where she looked uncomfortable, her performance suffered.
Variety: B-
The model demonstrated some variety in her poses, but other times she seemed lost and got repetitive.
Creativity: B-
The model’s cowboy hat was a nice, creative touch, but she needed more in her shoot to make her photos stand out.

Judge #3
Performance: B-

I definitely see potential in you! You may not have been comfortable in this shoot, but modeling is definitely your thing! You have a great face and a great bod! You should look at poses online in the genre you’re modeling in so that you’re more prepared.
Variety: B-
You did some me some variety but there were a lot of photos where you did the same thing.
Creativity: B-
I’m sure if you spent more time brainstorming, you could have brought a lot more ideas to this shoot! What you did bring was fun, but I wanted more!