LA-IX // Kayla Gilcrease – Scorecard


Stage One // “Commercial Shoot”
Judge #1

Performance: A
Her confidence was easy to see. It made her look more sure of the poses she was doing.
Variety: A
She switched up her poses and environments quite a bit.
Creativity: A
Using the magazines and other props were a good idea. It made her pictures better overall.

Judge #2
Performance: B
The model looked like she was sure of what she was doing, but her poses did not reflect this to me. Her poses weren’t polished or refined. It seemed like she was lost throughout her shoot. One major issue with the model’s shoot was that she kept losing her limbs – mainly her legs. If you pose in a certain way where one, or both, of your legs are cut off below the knee, it leaves you with a “nub.” It’s all about the angles and making sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be.
Variety: A
The model had a lot of variety in her shoot, but this was her only saving grace.
Creativity: B+
Using different props and locations helped her shoot, but they couldn’t make me look past her lackluster performance with her posing.

Judge #3
Performance: B+
She tried really hard! I could tell by looking at her photos! Unfortunately, her execution wasn’t very good. Don’t give up! Practice in front of a mirror or ask someone who has more experience.
Variety: A
YES! Variety for days! She changed up everything all the time! Great way to keep people interested in what you’re doing!
Creativity: B+
Very creative! Having magazines as props was something no one else thought of! You also seemed to have a story in mind for your shoot so I liked that!